Active Projects


The Metasploit Framework is the leading open-source exploit platform used for professional penetration testing and security research. Metasploit provides a modular platform for exploit and security tool development, protecting against bit rot, and allowing old modules to leverage new features as they are added to the framework. In addition to the BSD-licensed framework, Rapid7 sells two commercial penetration testing products, Metasploit Express and Metasploit Pro.


WarVOX is a pure-software wardialing platform that combines VoIP dialing with FFT-based fingerprinting and audio analysis. The result is a system that can fingerprint modems, fax machines, voice systems, error messages, and even specific voices. WarVOX requires an IAX2-compatible VoIP service, but can talk to commercial SIP providers through a local Asterisk or FreeSwitch gateway.

Past Efforts


The Critical.IO project was designed to uncover large-scale vulnerabilities across the global IPv4 internet. The project scanned 18 ports (14 TCP, 4 UDP) across the entire IPv4 address space between February 2012 and March 2013. The data obtained from this project has already yielded useful research into UPnP vulnerabilities and continues to be analyzed. The complete dataset from this project is now available at Scans.IO.

Month of Browser Bugs

The Month of Browser Bugs (MoBB) project was an attempt shine a light on web browser security. The project spanned the month of July in 2006 and demonstrated over 30 unique vulnerabilities across all major web browsers.

AxMan ActiveX Fuzzer

AxMan is a pure-javascript fuzzing framework designed to find security vulnerabilities in ActiveX controls. This toolkit was able to identified hundreds of unique vulnerabilities across common ActiveX controls. The vulnerabilities from this project fed into MoBB. The AxMan code is not that relevant now that Internet Explorer has shifted to a whitelisting policy of ActiveX controls.


The (now offline) Decloak.net web site demonstrated techniques for identifying the real IP of a web visitor, even when anonymizing proxies were in use. This demo used a unique ID to correlate incoming traffic over multiple protocols, leverage browser plugins and DNS information leaks to identify as much information about the visitor as possible. Most of the techniques have since been accounted for in popular anonymizing services.

Opcode Database

The Metasploit OpcodeDB was a web-based search engine for identifying useful return addresses across all major versions of Microsoft Windows. This project was used heavily between August 2003 and late 2007. The OpcodeDB is no longer relevant with the wide-spread adoption of exploit mitigations such as SafeSEH, NX, and ASLR, but helped sow the seeds for future ROP-based engines.