My name is HD Moore, I live and work in Austin, Texas. My career has been focused on offensive network security with roles spanning security consulting, product development, and security research. In the past I have hired and managed teams of penetration testers, software engineers, and security researchers. I enjoy making things, breaking things, and making things that break things.

I am the founder of the Metasploit Project and have been actively working on the Metasploit Framework since 2003. After the Rapid7 acquisition in 2009, I hired the engineering team, opened the Austin office, and managed the development process for the Metasploit Pro product line until 2013. I continue to work on the Metasploit Framework as an open source contributor.


You can reach me via email, twitter, linkedin, or irc (hdm@freenode). To encrypt your message, please use PGP key 0x7549FB3DB1DD1F32.