My name is HD Moore, I live and work in Austin, Texas. My career has been focused on offensive network security with roles spanning security consulting, product development, and security research. In the past I have hired and managed teams of penetration testers, software engineers, and security researchers. I enjoy making things, breaking things, and making things that break things.

I am the founder of the Metasploit Project and have been actively working on the Metasploit Framework since 2003. After the Rapid7 acquisition in 2009, I hired the engineering team, opened the Austin office, and managed the development process for the Metasploit Pro product line until 2013.

My current role is chief research officer at Rapid7. I am responsible for delivering research into real world threats and providing guidance on how to address them. In this role, I also drive technical innovation across the Rapid7’s products and services, applying company technology to current and future threats, as well as heading the development of experimental prototypes and free tools.


You can reach me via email, twitter, linkedin, or irc (hdm@freenode). To encrypt your message, please use PGP key 0x7549FB3DB1DD1F32.