My name is HD Moore, I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii but have spent most of the last twenty years living and working in Austin, Texas. Most of my career has been focused on offensive network security, with roles covering many aspects of security consulting, product development, and vulnerability research. In the past I have hired and managed teams of penetration testers, software engineers, and security researchers. I enjoy making things, breaking things, and making things that break things.

I am the founder of the Metasploit Project and have been actively working on the Metasploit Framework since 2003. After the Rapid7 acquisition in 2009, I built the engineering team, opened the Austin office, and drove the development process for Metasploit Express and Metasploit Pro. Currently I am the head of Rapid7 Labs, which focuses on vulnerability research and tool development.


You can reach me via email, twitter, linkedin, or irc (hdm@freenode). To encrypt your message, please use PGP key 0xFA604913.